💡How it works?

Funds allocated to the stream will not be deposited straight away, money is counted on a regular basis every second in proportionate installments. Investors can use their voting ticket to reject project funding if they are not happy with the overall results of the start-up.

Project life cycle

We created a visual schema to show the life cycle of the project in build1 protocol. We cover all three phases - fundraising, execution and distribution.

Fundraising period

TypeVoting power weight


Invested funds * 2.5


Invested funds * 1.9

Public limted

Invested funds * 1

Distribution period


Seed funds


Instant payout for initial project expences

Linear cash flow

Milestone period

Allows to secure investors unused funds

Execution period


Voting pool

Entire project period

Suspend the project funding when it reaches 51% of rejection votes


1-3 months

Keeps track of the schedule, deadlines and fund usage.

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