Investment pool

We are the most secure and risk-averse investment pool in the market, with a focus on pre-defined milestone fund allocations for cryptocurrency projects.

The Investment Pool offers a unique risk reduction solution for retail and institutional investors, while also providing a secure means of transferring funds to cryptocurrency projects. With pre-defined milestone fund allocations, the project will receive its funds in a linear manner, ensuring that your investment is safe and secure.

The protocol is an automated system that controls- when, how much, and at what intervals funds are released from the Investment Pool to the project's account. This method distributes the risk across all investors by allowing them to spread their investments out over time instead of making a single large investment.

The investment pool locks the funds until the project soft cap is reached. Achieving a soft cap ensures that the investment has been raised to achieve the product's full potential with the investment in place.


✅ Helps projects reach their soft caps, ensuring that potential investors know they are putting their money into a project with a solid foundation

✅ Locks funds until the project reaches its soft cap, preventing misuse of investor money

✅ Provides peace of mind to both investors and creators alike

✅ Holds the creator accountable to meeting milestones and timelines

Case overview

Let's talk about the flow of money in the view of The Investment Pool:

  1. Retail/Institutional investor's eye catches project "ABC" and he wants to invest in it

  2. The Investor selects an amount of stable coin (such a USDT, USDC, BUSD) to invest and sends it to Project "ABC" Investment Pool

  3. The Project "ABC" Investment pool waits for the soft cap threshold to be reached

  4. After the threshold is reached, the investment pool will automatically create a Linear Cash Flow to the project account, ensuring it covers the project milestone costs

  5. Project "ABC" has allocated $ABC tokens to its investors

  6. $ABC allocation will be distributed to initial investors using the LCF protocol

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