Investor Rewards

Investors who have invested in projects listed on our platform, will receive 30% of $BUIDL1 tokens from DAO treasury buyback.

Investors should have already allocated a certain amount to the project investment pool in order to get the reward of $BUIDL1 tokens. Investor rewards will be set proportionally from the investment pool size and what share the investor has.

Allocation of Investor Rewards could be changed as the DAO treasury pool is fully manageable by a community governance processes.

$BUIDL1 Staking:

$BUIDL1 staking process will generate 17% of DAO treasury buyback allocation. To enable staking of $BUIDL1 token you will need to allocate and lock $BUIDL1 token in LCFI staking contract. You will receive an instant staking reward directly into your wallet. LCFI staking contract will create a linear cash flow directly to your account. The locking period will be from 6 months to 48 months.

$BUIDL1 Burn (deflationary model)

To prevent that we use deflationary model approach to regulate the hyperinflation and make $BUIDL1 token more valuable. We set a 3% burn rate form buy back of DAO treasury.

$BUIDL1 LP staking

Liquidity providing staking will provide 25% of $BUIDL1 tokens from buy-back DAO treasury. To make that happen you will need an LP-BUIDL1 token, which you will get from Decentralized Exchange by providing liquidity to:



$BUIDL1 Crowd Wisdom voting

Crowd Wisdom voting will incentive community members with 25% of $BUIDL1 tokens from buy-back DAO treasury allocation.

Crowd Wisdom Voting is proceeded with $BUIDL1 tokens, LP-BUIDL1 tokens or staked $BUIDL1 tokens. To vote you won’t need to unlock or withdraw your $BUIDL1 token allocation. Voting in Crowd Wisdom Pool you will need to have either of these listed options:

πŸ“Œ $BUIDL1 token

πŸ“Œ LP-BUIDL1 token (liquidity providing tokens)

πŸ“Œ $BUIDL1 staked tokens

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