🪙$BUIDL1 token

$BUIDL1 - let's build a future together

$BUIDL1 is an ERC777 token, which has a compatible feature for LCF protocol to work. The main advantage of ERC777 is the ability to handle tokens that represent actual value, like stable currencies. In addition, it also allows for the development of smart contracts that can send and receive payments in multiple currencies. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need to accept payments in multiple currencies.

Lastly, ERC777 is also backward compatible with ERC20, meaning that it can be used on Ethereum's existing network without any changes. This makes it a very attractive option for businesses and developers looking to adopt Ethereum's blockchain technology.


$BUIDL1 is a DAO token of build1 which has different features we need to cover:

👉 Governance of DAO token

👉 Enables Wisdom of Crowd pool usage

👉 Staking incentives

👉 Liquidity provision incentives

Let's talk about it more in-depth in tokenomics.md

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