Based on market overview and common issues buidl1 is going to offer solutions that will help to overcome existing market problems.

Value proposition

📜 buidl1 is the first to implement Linear Cash Flow - a blockchain protocol that mitigates investment risk and stabilizes project funding

📜 With buidl1, you can rest assured that your money is being put to good use by smart contracts that vet projects before they receive funding

📜 New investment approach based on roadmap goals that allow to secure investments and protect from rug pulls and scammers

📜 Fundraising and tracking the progress of funding streams in real time, based on roadmap goals


We present a new approach for managing incoming projects:

🏆 Projects will receive more trust as all projects listed in the protocol will have live roadmaps, clear vision, pre-planned funding allocations based on goals so that will increase the overall trust of investors even if the project is in the early stage.

🏆 Projects can efficiently manage their money flow since they can track them in real-time.

🏆 Roadmap goals are defined and linked to financial projections which can be visible and easily tracked by potential investors through our ecosystem.


Our platform will list all projects in one place where investors will be able to see existing or new investment opportunities and buidl1 will help investors to be in control of their investments by offering them funding stream opportunities based on project goals.

Investors can see the full scope of the project in advance and invest into specific roadmap steps accordingly - with the opportunity to stop or continue funding streams depending on how the project is evolving during the whole implementation process.

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