Governance pool

Increase your involvement in the community The governance pool allows for a more streamlined and efficient project management process, ensuring that all deadlines are met.


buidl1 is a new take on the traditional investment model, that will have a unique approach to investor allocations and allows investors to vote for the projects they believe in. Each project will have its own governance pool, and investor votes will be represented by DAO tokens.

To vote for a project, investors will need to deposit DAO tokens into the project voting pool. The Governance pool will then lock the DAO funds until voting ends. This system ensures that only those who are truly invested in a project have a say in its future.


buidl1 is changing the way we make decisions about the projects we support, and it is sure to have a huge impact on the way we invest in the future.

  • ️You will have a say in the project and be able to vote on proposals/milestones

  • Your stake will present the vote, meaning you don't need to be there to cast your vote

  • The voting process is transparent and can be verified

Proposal request

The community often has great ideas for improving businesses, implementing new features, or adopting new technologies. In order to make these improvements a reality, the community needs to put forth a proposal and gather enough votes from investors to reach the proposal threshold. Once the threshold is reached, the project can move forward.

This system ensures that only the most popular and impactful proposals are approved, and that the community has a say in how their investment is used. As a result, the governance pool is an essential tool for ensuring that businesses are run efficiently and effectively.

✅️ If the required percentage of votes is reached - the requested proposal will be approved and all locked tokens with rewards will be returned.

❌ If the required percentage votes are not reached - the requested proposal won't be approved, and all locked tokens will be returned.

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