Voting pool

Each project has a threshold that indicates project failure required percentage of votes

Voting systems allow all team members to weigh in on deadlines and deliverables, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. In addition, they provide a transparent record of all decisions that have been made, making it easy to track progress and identify any potential issues. As a result, voting systems are an invaluable tool for keeping large projects on track.

Rejection Tickets

Every investor will get Rejection Tickets as NFT tokens that can be used at any time during a project lifetime to stop the project funding. If you have Rejection Tickets, you have an active vote to reject the project (this tool works as a scam/fraud preventor). Thus, the new generation web3 projects will be more truthful and not give impossible promises to their future investors.

Burn your ticket

Rejection Tickets can be burned if you choose to believe in the project execution. You will ease to have a rejection vote for that project; however, you will be rewarded with start-up tokens for your shown trust.

How it works:

📌 Each project has a threshold that indicates project failure required in percentage of votes

📌 The Voting pool only has Rejection Tickets, which means - if you do not participate in the Voting pool, you will be counted as a positive vote

📌 If the rejection percentage is reached, then the project funding is stopped, and the locked raised capital will be returned to investors.

📌 If the rejection percentage is not reached - the project continues its growth

This system provides a fail-safe for companies, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked. It's a simple but effective way to get everyone on board and work towards the same goal.

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